A special guest from Switzerland

And finally I sat in that room at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) with 69 other exchange students from all over the world. It took me eight months to prepare my stay, probably more than 100 e-mails, 4 phone calls and a lot of patience. However, I made it to HU to study International Communication and Media. With all my willpower I made it to the Netherlands, more specifically to Utrecht.

You might ask yourself right now: Utrecht? Where’s Utrecht? You probably just know Amsterdam where you can visit the Heineken experience, visit some Coffee shops which actually don’t sell coffee or you might have heard about the red light district. Well, to broaden your horizont, here are some facts about this lovely town which I call my home for the next 5 months:

Utrecht, the Netherlands, Europe
Utrecht, the Netherlands, Europe
  • Utrecht is the fourth biggest city of the Netherlands
  • The city of Utrecht is located in the heart of Holland which makes the city highly accessible
  • Utrecht is host for many research and knowledge institutes
  • Utrecht has a lot of canals like Amsterdam
  • Almost 70,000 students live in the city and attend its university and colleges
  • The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, which is about 112.5 metres (368 feet) in height

So, now that you know a bit more about my current destination, let’s get back to the story.

After lots of information from the introduction day in the morning, they put us in buses which dropped us off at „De Uithof“. De Uithof is what you call a real Campus. I’ve actually never been to one before I realized later, however, I liked it from the first moment. The atmosphere in this environment is just so inspirational and I felt home immediatly.

After a quick introduction of our program coordinator, we moved inside for more information about the faculty and its programs. Moreover, they tried to explain us how we could set up our timetables and as a result we were even more confused than before.

Anyway, the program coordinator moved on and called our names in order  to connect names to faces. Therefore, she started calling the country first followed by our names.

South Korea
and finally OUR SPECIAL GUEST FROM SWITZERLAND Tanja Kühne! She came here on her own because her university is not a partner school – Welcome!“

Well, after this introduction everyone in the whole room knew who I was – the special guest from Switzerland. At least I’m limited edition. So Holland – here I am! I think we are going to have a good time! I’ll keep you guys updated. Cheers!

PS: This is my first post in English – I’m obviously not a native speaker and there are probably some weird sentence structures or wrong words – please send me a personal message if you find any. That would be very helpful! Thanks for your help!

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