You know you live in Johanna when..

We were the first one’s who lived in Johanna and we know what’s going on behind the walls of the newest student accommodation on De Uithof in Utrecht. The building looks spectacular from the outside and also from the inside it looks nice – BUT don’t judge a book by its cover. The Johanna residents and especially the Short Stay people know what I’m talking about… The plain truth about living in Johanna – an ironic list for fellow sufferers:

You know you live in Johanna when…

  1. …the front door isn’t working and you have to walk around the building to get in.
  2. …there are three elevators but just two of them are running and you have to wait for ages, so it’s faster to take the stairs to the 8th floor than to wait for 5 minutes.
  3. …the dryer in the laundry room isn’t really drying your cloths.
  4. …you collect all 50 Cent coins and ask random people in „The Village Coffee“ if they have change because you forgot to bring your own 50 Cent coins.
  5. …the heater in your room is working – sometimes.
  6. …the shower curtain sticks to your butt while having a shower.
  7. …your pans fall apart and someone has to tighten them at least once a week.
  8. …there is no kitchen hood, so the whole flat smells like the food you’ve cooked.
  9. …the microwave explodes.
  10. …getting stuck in the elevator is daily business.
  11. …the walls behind the cupboards are not painted or just a bit.
  12. …the fire alarm is ringing at least once a day.
  13. …a tree flies around the building sometimes.
  14. …the door to your floor doesn’t open sometimes or you can’t even close it without smashing it – so the entire floor knows you are home.
  15. …there are people complaining about everything in the FB-group.
  16. …the kitchen cupboard shelves which were supposed to arrive in the end of November 2015, arrive in the end of January 2016 one week before you go back home.
  17. …the organisation SSH ignores your e-mails when you complain about some of the points above. ;)

Hope you had fun reading and I’m sure you can add more points to this list of the „first class student accommodation problems“. Looking forward to your comments.



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