How to deal with your post Erasmus depression

I clearly remember the day I had to leave The Netherlands. My wonderful five months of pure awesomeness, my life in a bubble without any obligations or duties – my Erasmus exchange semester was officially over!

How should I survive the next weeks or even months without my new friends, without stroopwaffels, without windmills and without the Dutch rain?

It was taff but somehow I managed to survive the first weeks of my post Erasmus depression. Here are some tips how to deal with your post Erasmus depression after you have left The Netherlands. Reading and laughing at your own risk!

  1. Keep in touch with your new Erasmus friends
  2. Hang out with your old friends  – to resocialize ;)hang-out-with-your-old-friends-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  3. Make a collage of your Erasmus memoriesmake-a-collage-of-your-erasmus-memories-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression.
  4. Ask in the local coffee shops if they sell Cannabisask-in-the-local-coffee-shops-if-they-sell-cannabis-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  5. Eat some stroopwaffelsIMG_9808.JPG
  6. Bring the cat of your neighbor to a café or restaurant and make sure the cat understands that this is now her new
  7. Go drinking in churches (Café Olivier)drink-in-a-church-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  8. Go bikinggo-biking-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression.
  9. Tell everyone that peanut butter is actually a sort of cheese in the Netherlands (Pindakaas)IMG-20160306-WA0000
  10. Try to draw Miffydraw-miffy-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  11. Show your Albert Hijn Bonuskaart in your local grocery store and convince the check-out girl that this card is valid and that you want some korting (reduction)20160310_124046
  12. Stand under the shower fully dressed to feel the Dutch rain (you might take your bike under the shower as well)
  13. Make some pancakesIMG_5517.JPG
  14. Try to find a place like a pub, a club, a restaurant etc. called Tivoli or Ronda and spend Thursday and Friday evenings there (only for people who have spent their exchange semester in Utrecht)IMG_6020
  15. Listen to some Dutch music and try to understand something
  16. Go partying at least three times a weekgo-partying-at-least-three-times-a-week-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  17. Eat some Gouda (Picture: Juliana Pascoal)gouda
  18. Think on a stonethink-on-a-stone-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression.j
  19. Wear some wooden clogs and tell all your friends that these are the only shoes Dutch people wearwear-wooden-clogs-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  20. Google some pictures of windmills, print them on large pieces of paper and hang them in your room – then stare at them and take some picturestake-pictures-of-windmills-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  21. Eat your toast with hagelslag12011282_10153650472894292_4451273259332111247_n
  22. Wear something orangeIMG_5555
  23. Plant some tulipsplant-some-tulips-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression
  24. Go back to where it all began: Book a flight to be in the Netherlands on King’s Day!sunset-in-utrecht-to-deal-with-your-post-erasmus-depression

Do you have any further tips how to deal with your post Erasmus depression especially after leaving the Netherlands? I’m happy to hear them and I might add them to my list.

Hope you had fun reading and I wish you all the best to get through the next weeks and months without being in the Netherlands. I’m happy to go back for some days this Wednesday and later in April for King’s Day. Hope to see some of you awesome people there as well! Take care until then!

Pictures: Tanja Kühne




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